Curriculums are designed to create focused learning paths and learning interventions that help raise the level of specific knowledge and skills of the target group. A well-designed curriculum has both a quality dimension that results in improved learning, and a cost dimension that contributes to reduced training expenses. For over 10 years, Indecomm Learning has been designing training curriculums that enhance learning value, generate business benefits, and keep pace with change. We'd be happy to help you too.

Prioritize and reorganize existing components to shorten time-to-competency and time-to-market.
Customize learning interventions based on each target group's learning needs and performance goals.
Create a blended curriculum to reduce cost of training delivery and increase multi-device accessibility.
Experience: Over 30,000 hours of custom and blended learning solutions under the belt.
Effectiveness: Best practices gleaned from working with numerous global and industry-leading enterprises.
Expertise: Seasoned Learning Consultants, backed by a team of instructional designers and learning technologists.
Explore: We interview key stakeholders to clearly understand the enterprise, its business drivers, and its people and processes.
Establish: We interact with focus groups across functions to establish learning gaps related to their roles and performance goals.
Enhance: We design comprehensive training curriculums, and recommend optimal learning blends, that will address gaps and add value.

Starting from Scratch?

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Designing a new curriculum could be a bit overwhelming. The 'Basics of Curriculum Design' ePaper outlines Indecomm Learning's insights, framework, and process for effective curriculum design.

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You don't need to go back to the drawing board when it's time to refresh your existing curriculum. The 'Don't Reinvent. Redesign.' ePaper outlines Indecomm Learning's thoughts and insightson curriculum redesign.

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